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Welcome to Double Buggy Reviews, the home of everything that you need to know when considering purchasing your next double buggy or pushchair.

Written by parents of twins, we know that making sure that you are finding the right buggy for your needs is vital, especially when it comes to ensuring that they are going to be able to cope with the strain of everyday life, because having two young children is more than enough to have to cope with right?

Our aim is to not only help you to find the double buggy that is right for you but that also allows you to get an insight into how each of the leading names fair against the lesser known brands, helping you to make the most informed decision you can.

We know that although the thought of getting your hands on a brand such as iCandy is fantastic, not every parent has the ability to be able to part with that much on their push chair choice, so we have teamed up with some of the biggest retailers to put different double buggies to the test.

Best Double Buggy 2017

Our mission is to help parents just like you to find the best double buggies available on the market this year, providing you with our honest and informative reviews of some of the biggest and smallest brands out there.

We look to score each of the double buggies, strollers and prams that we test based on their own merit and how they fit into our normal life, so that you get to know all of the information that the brands aren’t sharing with you about their product.

You can take a look at what we have to say about which of the double strollers that we have tried wins our ‘Best Double Buggy 2017’ accolade on our post which can be found either here or linked in the sidebar for you.

Cheap Double Buggies

We know that starting a family isn’t cheap, after all we are just like you, and that means that we have made a huge effort to make sure that we cover products that give you price point options, from low cost up to the more luxury brands and back again.

If you are looking to get the best value possible without compromising on important elements that all good double stroller buggies should have, maybe you should take a look at our cheap double stroller buggy and prams page to see whether we have found a diamond in the rough.

Best Double Buggy Pram Reviews

Our mission here is simple, to find the best double buggy available on the market and tell everything that there is to know about all of the strollers, prams and buggies that we try along the way, helping you to make more informed decisions when buying.

We have seen and used a vast number of double buggy prams and strollers in the past couple of years and have quickly been able to establish what it is that we need from the stroller to make it a viable option for us as a family, which we have shared with you in each of our reviews.

So far on our quest to find a duo buggy that we can crown as being what we see as being the best double stroller out there today, keeping price in mind, we have already reviewed and shared our thoughts on the following options.

Graco Quattro Tour Duo Sport Luxe

Towards the top of the Graco models available today, the Graco Quattro Tour Duo stroller proved to be an impressive choice, the handling was fantastic and even Ian felt that it offered great value for money when you considered everything there was to know about it.

Still one of the leading options that we have covered here, if you are looking for something that could easily pull of being the ‘Bentley of the buggy world’, you need to be taking a look at the rest of my review.

Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair

Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair Buggy

Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair Buggy – Half Price if you’re quick!

Another of the Graco models that we have had the pleasure of trying and putting through its paces, something of which it took well within its stride and delivered faultlessly.

Quick and easy to put together, fold and unfold while offering a stable and lightweight frame, it surprised us for the price point and that was before the space offer on the price that we have for you in which you can save over 50% on the RRP if you’re quick!

See the review for more details on this one as at this price it’s a real contender for bargain buy winner and the year is still young!

Cosatto Shuffle Pushchair 2014

One of the more expensive options that we have tried but certainly one of the best looking ones too, it really did draw the attention of others and I loved the quality of the finish that it comes with, giving it a real premium look and feel.

However there was something that we didn’t quite like about it, so you should take a look at our Cosatto Shuffle review to find out what it was and figure out if it is simply something that me and Ian over think or whether you too would hate the same thing.

Could this be a contender for a place in our top 10 double buggy strollers 2017 list later this year? Check out how it scored in our honest review.

Zeta Citi Twin Buggy

Zeta Citi Twin Buggy Review

Can the Zeta measure up?

One of the cheaper double prams that we have tried and tested, pushing it to the limit with countless nursery runs and manic twists and turns in the local supermarket, but how will the bottom end of the price range market fare as we put it to the test?

Well there is no need to wait to find out, check out our Zeta Citi review and find out whether it is something that we consider viable for our busy lifestyle or something that you should avoid while on your hunt for your next buggy.

You can see the review for this here.