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Bugaboo Donkey Complete Duo Pushchair Stroller Review

If you are looking at buying a Bugaboo Donkey Duo buggy then it is clear that you are looking for one of the finest double buggy strollers on the market today and when Ian told me that he was going to get me one to review, I was made up but don’t just take this as gospel, let me explain.

Bugaboo as a brand are a prestige name in the buggy and stroller marketplace and their superior quality of products have placed them at the top of their game, where they have continued to ensure they remain as they showcase their knowledge, engineering and ability to create what I feel could be the best double stroller ever.

Now I know that with the price point well above some of their rivals, committing to something like this isn’t easy to do when you don’t have the chance to be able to take it for a test drive, so I will try to make sure that I give you as much of the good and any snippet of anything ‘bad’ so that you can make an informed decision.

Bugaboo Donkey Duo Review - Is The Bugaboo Donkey Worth It?


The handling and steering of any stroller that you choice will always play a big part in whether you can use it on a daily basis or whether you will try to look for excuses not to use it, but with the Bugaboo Donkey Duo you are turning your back on the heavy, hard to turn options and stepping up in class, or what feels like ten!

The forefront wheels are large and durable, making short work of even the most uneven ground and while they navigate smoothly over the bumps and cracks with ease, their pivot fitting mean that they glide effortlessly to give you a delightfully tight turning circle for even the tightest twists and turns.

The large rear wheels again are well made and help to make the movement of the stroller feel like you are gliding across the ground, handling the bumps and anything else that you could have previously had issues with getting clogged in the wheels (stone chippings are bad around here with constant work being done in the local area).

Storage Space

If you have read any other of the reviews that I have done for the site, you will know that as a single car family I often need to be able to store shopping in the bottom of the stroller that I am using that day and many simply don’t give the level that I would like, but I have been accept that I could be just being greedy in that aspect.

The Bugaboo Donkey certainly tips the scale when it comes to storage space, I mean it boasted what I would say is 50% more space than other double buggies that I have used in the past and with it spanning the width of the buggy (which is a little wider than others I have used, just) it gave me additional space to be able to get another one or two shopping bags into the space, depending on what I had in them.

If this is the biggest storage space that I can get from a double buggy anywhere on the market, then dare I say that I am happy with it and would certainly recommend it to any space hogger like me.


The seating alignment on the Bugaboo Donkey Duo is one of its biggest selling points for many and with fantastic reason, the fact that you can have a toddler forward facing to keep them occupied while having a younger baby facing you certainly gave me reassurance and comfort in knowing that I could see them at all times.

All of the common safety features are naturally in place and so they should be for the price but each aspect of it feels like brilliant quality, right down to the five point fastenings in the seats, where they feel substantial and not flimsy like some of the cheaper options that we have tried.

Everything about the seats screams quality and that is something that both myself and Ian refuse to overlook when trying to choose a pram for our little ones, giving a better feeling of your little ones being safe while on the move.

Ease of Use

When you are paying for a duo stroller that is at the top of the price point in the market, you expect that it will not only be easy to build but also that it is ready for action in a matter of seconds, after all I have seen this with other cheaper pushchairs that I have tried previously and the Bugaboo Donkey Duo shines brightly.

It arrived in your traditional style cardboard box and we were pleased to see that the frame and much of the additions were already made up, leaving us with very little to have to build up to get it ready to roll.

Once built we turned to trying to fold it up to see how easy it would be, complete with screaming children for that real sense of daily life action and in a couple of clicks, it was folded and ready to be put away into the cloakroom until we were ready to bring it back out.

Here is a video of how it is easily changed into a single seat pram and so much more:

Putting it back up was easier than folding it away, taking a matter of seconds to click into place and give me the chance to load the children into it safely which I’m sure you will agree is a very welcome feature.


I have never been someone that has bought anything on looks alone and there was no change here thanks to the fact that it seems that the various colours in which the pushchair is available in vary so much in price, I chose the cheaper option at the time rather than getting a colour that I preferred but the product truly is stunning from every angle.

We opted to buy the complete Bugaboo Donkey Duo pushchair package, which included everything that you need as well as a matching changing bag (at the time of our purchase, this could change) and I love it, truly love it.

The frame is very well made, the materials for the seats are some of the best that I have seen and just everything about it screams superior quality, which is clear for everyone to see.

If I was one of those parents that was looking for something that would highlight your style, then the Bugaboo Donkey is definitely a fantastic way to do that, Ian said that he considers it to be the ‘Rolls Royce of the buggy world’.


The Bugaboo Donkey Duo is s breathtaking example of what every parent wants to be able to call their own, with modern, sleek looks and fantastic ability to not only perform in even the most challenging situations but to surpass anything else that I have ever tried, it is completely in a class of its own in my opinion.

A delight to take out, whether you are walking across the beach at the coast or taking on the local parking on the school run, nothing seems to faze it, seemingly keeping its cool in even the tightest of areas.

If you have the money, this is the ultimate double buggy that you will find on the market and from anything else that we have tried, nothing even comes close right now.

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