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Updated: February 11, 2017
The battle is on to find the best cheap double buggy, one that has the high-performing features of the higher-priced options but with a more affordable price tag. Double pushchairs can be outrageously expensive but they don’t have to be, and there are numerous cheaper options that deliver the same functionality. The trick is sorting through the array of cheaper prams and figuring out which ones are truly reliable, safe for your babies, convenient for you, and of course, the most affordable. At Double Buggy Reviews, we took up the challenge to find you the best cheap double pram. Whether you are looking for a reliable cheap twin buggy that you can cart your little ones around in everyday or you just need a backup, we get where you’re coming from, and we’ll find you the best pram so you and your children can get to where you’re going.

The Search for the Best Double Buggy Begins

Each year the market sees a number of new makes and models, with plenty of choices for you to find the best buggy. To help you sort through all of the options in this constantly expanding market, we review and sample various tandem prams and buggies, and we look to incorporate a number of cheap double pushchairs into the mix too wherever possible, so that you can come to regard our site as the ‘go to place’ for all things duo stroller related.


One important thing that we have noticed is that it is not always best to look for the newest models and releases to find the best cheap double pushchair. Sometimes the not-so-brand-new twin prams end up being the best options because as retailers look to reduce their prices in order to sell stock that they have throughout the year, the higher performing double prams that were once expensive are suddenly more affordable because they aren’t considered ‘new’. For example at the time of writing this, the Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair, which scored a 4/5 stars in our review, has been reduced by half price on Amazon.

Keep checking back to this page because prices of these kinds of buggies can fluctuate and because we are constantly adding new reviews as more prams come onto the market. In return, we promise not only to keep you updated, but to provide honest reviews, real, user-based insights and buggy test runs, so that you can know the ins and outs of the cheap double pram that you decide to invest in.


What to look for when buying a affordable double buggy

Aside from the price tag itself, there are some features to look for when shopping for a cheap duo buggy. More than just gear for carting your kids around, double buggies are designed to be comfortable, safe, versatile, easy to handle, convenient, easy to use, and portable.


Comfort is high on the list for finding the best pram or really any pram. In addition to soft and supportive seats, various features can affect comfort. Adjustable reclining positions can greatly improve the comfort of both babies, so that they can lie down during napping or sit up to enjoy the view. Tandem prams can also have a higher seat in the back, which allows both babies to get a good view without having to crane their necks. Other features, such as hoods for blocking sunlight or rain and ventilation holes for letting in a soothing breeze, or insulation to protect against the cold, can also affect the comfort of your little ones.

On the topic of comfort, your comfort as a parent is also important, which is why we think some of the top double prams also have a transparent window in the hood canopy that lets you peek in and better see the elder child.

A cheap twin buggy no matter the cost should also absolutely have safety features in place. All prams have safety seat belts to keep your babies in place. Safety features can also include a front bumper bar to keep the baby in front from falling out, and front or rear wheel locks to prevent the double buggy from rolling away.

The leading twin buggies are also versatile and can be used for babies from birth and up to around three years. Sometimes, even a cheap double pram might come with a carrycot that can fit into the pram and that can support the baby from birth and older. Regardless of if it has a carrycot included, a good buggy should be versatile enough to support your children for at least a few years, so that you don’t have to foot the cost of purchasing a new double pram every year until they are old enough not to need one.

A buggy should also be easy to handle, especially since you are pushing not one but two babies! Handling refers to both how easy it is to push the duo buggy and how easy it is to steer it. Not all twin buggies are designed the same when it comes to tire materials, weight distribution, and structural support, which means push-ability can differ greatly. In addition, the steering is an important factor in handling, and it is particularly noticeable when turning corners.

Convenience is another major factor, and a pram should have the ultimate features for convenience: a handy parent storage space and room for baby gear. Various buggies have small areas at the back of the pram where you can put your handbag or other items, and some double buggies have an additional parent organizer tray. There are even cup holders with some models! In addition to a space for your stuff, a good stroller should also have a storage space for other items, usually baby gear. Many prams are designed with a large drop-down basket that can accommodate a heavy bag of diapers, bottles, changes of clothing and whatnot.

Ease of use is another significant factor that one might not think would be all that important but it really is. Some older buggies, and even some newer ones, require some setting up before loading your children into it and heading out the door. Since the whole point of a tandem pram is taking your kids on the go with you, it seems like getting to the point of going shouldn’t take so long. The greatest affordable double prams can unfold quickly, sometimes with just the release of a clip, so that you can easily use and store the buggy with minimal hassle.

In addition to ease of use, a buggy should be portable and fit into your car with minimal hassle. Basically, it should be easy to fold or break down the pram to put into a car, even one that has a smaller trunk space. Some twin prams have car seat adaptors, which are especially convenient if you are going to be making multiple stops and getting your children in and out of the car over and over.

Appearance is another aspect that some might consider important when shopping for a cheap buggy. After all, why should style go out the window when it comes to baby gear? You want your babies to ride with style just like you, which is why we cover appearance in our review of the greatest double buggies.

Last but not least, a warranty can be a great perk and even a cheap stroller can come with a warranty. Baby gear is expensive enough, and if something should happen due to reasons that were not your fault, being able to get a replacement is really nice.

Questions to ask before buying a double buggy

Is the double pram made for children of the same age or different ages?

The front and back seats in a pram tend to be suitable for children of varying ages, with the backseat often being suitable for newborn babies, while the front seat can be suitable from babies 3 to 6 months of age and older. If you have children of different ages in the range of newborns to 3 years old, then most standard double buggies should do the job just fine. If you happen to have twins, however, then you’ll want to check the age restrictions for the front seat to ensure safety.


Is the double buggy durable and fit for various terrain?

Being able to use a twin buggy on various terrain is a huge plus. Sure, you probably won’t be taking the buggy up mountains or rocky terrain, but even small changes in terrain like mud or broken up concrete can affect the buggy handling and durability.


Does the double pram face the parents or does it face outwards?

Which way a buggy faces and whether parent-facing or outward facing is better is really about personal preference. Some parents feel more comfortable having their children facing them, and their babies may feel the same way, while other parents want their children to see the world and satisfy their natural curiosity.


Cheap Double Buggy Reviews

To get started on finding a affordable buggy for you and your children, check out our reviews! We break down the specs and give you real insights based on personal testing and usage, so you know that the information you’re getting is honest, tested and true. Good luck finding the best duo pram!

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