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Graco Quattro Tour Duo Sport Luxe Review


The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Sport Luxe is the top of the class when it comes to Graco created models and has already shown an outstanding upgrade from their previous Graco Quattro Tour Duo model.

Created by one of the best known names in children's pushchairs and buggy's, they have are known for fantastic quality and although higher than average pricing, their workmanship carries it through as a serious contender for best value for money on the market right now.

Naturally as we are a site that is dedicated to parents that require prams that are able to accommodate two children, we wanted to make sure that the Graco Quattro Duo Tour Sport Luxe was not just more of the same when compared to their previous model and we weren't disappointed.


One of the biggest issues that we have found with many of the double prams that we have both owned and tried in recent times has been down to the handling, often making it much harder than it needed to be to allow us to get the twins out and present us with the chance to get some much needed jobs done.

When we tried the Quattro Tour Duo Sport Luxe, we are pleased to report that just wasn't the case, the handling was smooth and easy to navigate, while the pushchair felt solid and a wealth away from some of the more 'shakey' buggys that we have tried before.

With two fixed rear wheels working perfectly with the rotating fronts, everything about this felt fantastic and so it should for the money that they cost, but that said when you are presented with quality like this, pushing that little extra goes a long way in terms of satisfaction and value for money.

Storage Space

Well the storage space on the Graco Quattro Duo Tour Sport Luxe isn't about to knock you off your feet as being a new concept, instead they have opted for the commonly seen under seat location but they have certainly thought about what we as parents are going to need to be able to put under there.

With a good amount of space located under the seats, we did find that it was more than able to carry our baby bag, my handbag and a bag of shopping without any issues, allowing the children to still be reclined into a more natural sleeping position without crushing everything below.


This is something that we have to think about a lot, simply because our twins don't seem to travel too well side by side, especially when one or both of them are beginning to become tired.

The Graco Quattro Duo Tour Sport Luxe features a 'one behind' layout that gives us the chance to be able to give each of the twins a little time apart without the need to have seperate pushchairs.

We have had a number of pushchairs that have been the lower end of the price ranges out there and they aren't always suitable for what we need, instead spending a little more on one of these gives us the chance to be able to recline each child as needed without too much fuss so that they can be in a postion that they find comfortable.

One thing that was good to see and note was that although the back seat was reclined, there was still enough leg space between them and the child in front, meaning that you get less chance of having one child annoy the other with their feet kicking the seat infront.

Ease of Use

It seems that functionality is key for Graco when they create their various models and we are yet to run into one that has been a pain to be able to use, instead they seem to take some of the stress that you experience with lower priced alternatives out of the whole process.

For example, although it doesn't come with the car seats included, it does come with the adaptors that are needed so that you can make it a quick and easy solution to getting out on the go.

At first it took a couple of minutes to figure out the best way to be able to operate the buggy in that manner (in terms of getting the seats secured into place etc) but the longer we used it, the quicker we became and we are sure that any parent would be able to master the art with a little practice (obviously without the child being in the seat at the time...).


I know that having a buggy in hand is not always the best look for you but it certainly helps to be able to know that with the Graco Quattro Duo Tour Sport Luxe, you are getting cutting edge style and great looks.

We had the black and silver version and thought that the quality of the finish was fantastic, it looked great and seemed to weather the stress test well with the crossover between normal and car seats often something that can take its toll on some of the prams that we have used before.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Graco Quattro Duo Tour Sport Luxe was fantastic, it looked fantastic and certainly lived up to the Graco reputation for quality of build.

Being able to navigate even the tightest shopping aisles was refreshing and everything about the feel of the chair while you were on the move simply makes you glad that you paid that little bit more to ensure that you are getting something that will stand the test of time.

The storage space was more than what we needed, without compromising on the seating arrangement and once we got to grips with the car seat placements, it meant that we were able to eliminate those awful times of being caught out in the rain trying to get the seats into place securely.

If you can stretch to the price, this is certainly a touch of class that any parent deserves to experience as it simply makes the whole event a lot more pleasing for those involved, including the children

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