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Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair Review

So you are thinking about buying the Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair but want to know whether you are getting another fantastic Graco product or an overpriced version of a cheaper quality brand?

In true Graco fashion, the Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair showcases that the brand are determined to continue their push to maintain their reputation in this market, producing some of the best double buggies in their price point.

Both myself and Ian consider the options that we are given the chance to try out carefully, looking for strollers that at least give off the impression that they will be able to fill our requirements of everyday life, because something that doesn’t seem to fit the bill more often than not falls flat completely.

The Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair looked like it would be more than able to handle the school run, multiple trips to the shops and navigating the pathways in the park and combining that with the fact that we have yet to experience a bad Graco pushchair yet.


Each time that we have used a Graco product the handling has always impressed and the Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair is no different, the ease of manoeuvre seems to be effortless even with both children and baggage stored in the under seat space.

The build quality really shines through when you are using the stroller too, with a noticeable absence of movement throughout the structure of the pram as you work your way around the sharpest of corners.

Designed with two rotary wheels at the forefront of the buggy and two fixed wheels that I guess steer the frontal duo, I did question whether there would be situations where movement would be difficult as I crossed off the harder surfaces through the mixture of fallen leaves and misplaced building site mud that lines the street towards the school but nothing noticeable.

Smooth with a nice fluid movement no matter where we tested it, the Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair again shines bright for the brand.

Storage Space

How much a stroller can handle in terms of baggage once you have loaded up your pram doesn’t always cross the minds of others but as we are a single car family and Ian needs it for work, I needed something that would be able to handle the task of holding the shopping while I keep my hands free to navigate the paths that seem to be littered with cars parking on the curb.

Like the Graco Quattro Duo Tour Sport Luxe that we have reviewed previously, the storage space available here is not about to win any innovation awards for providing a pandora’s box style hideaway but it gives me enough space to be able to place my changing bag as well as a couple of shopping bags underneath without too much of a problem.

I would have liked more space but that’s more of a personal choice and it’s certainly not the smallest space that I have seen in the time that we have been testing double buggies out.


Designed with a one front, one back seating arrangement you are given an alignment that will mean that you have both children facing away from you while you are out, something that I have found to fine, especially as with the rain hood pulled back you can still make visual contact with the child seated at the back of the duo.

With 5 point harness as standard, Graco have showed that they are keen on safety for your little ones and that is a great thought as it shows that they have paid attention to smaller details on a pram that certainly gives you plenty for your money.

The layout of the seating means that your older child will be placed at the rear of the duo and they are visible to you through a clear window located in the top of the rain canopy which is great if you have a little terror that seems to want to entertain themselves by kicking the seat in front of them…

Ease of Use

Naturally when it comes to buying a double buggy, we have to ensure that it is something that I will be able to both fold and unfold on my own as I seem to be the one that uses it the most with Ian out at work.

The Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair is unfolded quickly with a release of a clip and it builds itself up once you have released it in a matter of seconds, meaning that you don’t have to build it up way in advance of heading out of the door, something that as strange as it seems, I have had to do previously before.

Unfortunately the Graco Stadium Duo doesn’t have the fittings to be suitable to use their carry cot with, so that was a small downside for us as it meant that we had to run the risk of waking up our youngest if I needed to go out but again its by no means a deal break for me.

I think that I should take a quick moment to comment on the claim that Graco have made in terms of not dispatching the pram in extensive packaging, stating that it is shipped in ‘Certified Frustration-Free Packaging’ and I am pleased to report that it was certainly easier to deal with than some of the strollers that we have tested in the past.


I opted for the Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair - Oxford from Amazon and the colours were great, just simple black and silver but it carried itself like a catwalk model at Paris Fashion Week…

We do try to make sure that we go with darker colour buggies in order to hide some of the marks and stress that come with using it throughout the summer, when we seem to manage to have everything from ice cream to crisp crumbs finding their way onto the seats.

The look of the stroller overall is fantastic and certainly rivals any of the higher price alternatives that we have actually used to date and I think I can even go as far as to say that it could be within the top 3 of my favourites up until this point so far.


The Graco Stadium Duo Pushchair came to us with a lot to live up to with us already having the chance to test drive their higher priced model but it really didn’t disappoint once we got our hands on it.

It was easy to both fold and unfold, felt to be light both while folded and being loaded as well as while it was tackling the terrain on the way to nursery while I zigzagged my way through the streets, partly to avoid the parked cars and partly because the handling coped with the turns so well.

The pram looks like it could cost much more than it does and the storage space available to you will be sure to give you what you need unless you tend to do larger than average ‘smaller shops’ like me, at which point it can be a tight push so keep that in mind when in the supermarket.

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