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Zeta Citi Twin Buggy Review


The Zeta Citi Twin Buggy is one of the lower end budget buggys that we have had the chance to be able to trial and it seems a viable option for those that are looking to maybe add a secondary pram to their collection rather than something that could be used frequently for us.

Although we have been given the opportunity to try out some of the more expensive double prams on the market, we always look to take each on their own merit and often try to use them for at least a couple of weeks before we create our review to allow for a little time to get over some of those nagging concerns that you can sometimes experience when you change to something new.

Unfortunately for us, the Zeta Citi Twin Stroller wasn't ideal overall as it seemed to be unable to cope with our daily routine, however we wanted to provide you with a little insight into why we thought that as you could find that it would be suitable for your own needs.


As we have seen with a number of double buggys that we have seen out there on the market today, the Zeta Citi Twin stroller pram has opted to go with a trio wheel alignment at the front of the pram for what I can only assume would be further stability and ease of movement while navigating the corners.

Unfortunately for our test the weather wasn't great and that meant that although they added the extra wheel to the front, we struggled at times to be able to make our way on the paths due to the build up of leaves on the ground and the fact that they seem to make it even harder than it needed to be to push.

Trying to take the stroller uphill was just as much of a challenge as downhill, however were we are the roads tend to have that sort of slant to them, so it wasn't impossible as we are used to having to walk them.

When we did have the dry days and mushy leaves weren't fighting against us, the movement of the Zeta Citi buggy was good, it had a good level of turning for those tighter spots and showed why so many feel that its a good cheaper option in its class.

Storage Space

When you are a parent with two young children, the chances are that you are going to need to have a good amount of storage for when you are out and about, as no one wants to have to carry handbags and everything else while you are trying to steer your way through the school run.

For us, the Zeta Citi offered too little storage space which is simply a small area at the back of the stroller, meaning that I could just about get my handbag and nappy bag in there but I wouldn't recommend trying to get a bag of shopping in there too as it seems to be too shallow for that additional load.


The Zeta Citi Double Buggy has a side by side seating arrangement which can be ideal for those of you that are able to travel your children in such a layout, however our twins seem to like to torment each other, so we were a little wary about using it on trips that were further afield.

Although that was the case, we did feel that we had to give it the chance to impress, so we pushed through those annoying exchanges while we did the school run and shorter trips to the supermarket.

We found that in our case, the seating arrangement was very close together and that lead to the twins having ample chances to be able to reach over the other side of the pram to annoy the other but found that as soon as one seemed to become tired we could recline the seat to allow that additional space between them and often they would then travel just fine.

I can note that the seating while standard did seem to be a little shallow, meaning that I was constantly on watch to make sure that they weren't leaning too far forward to cause an issue with the steering as the additional weight on that middle wheel seemed to eliminate the point of it being there in the first place as the mobility was hindered with the wheel struggling to move as freely as required.

Ease of Use

This is one area that seemed to see the Zeta Citi stroller come into its own in certain aspects, for example it was quick and easy to both load and unload into the boot of the car and getting it put up once you reached your destination was easy.

In terms of the steering, as mentioned we found that the dry days offered a better experience overall but with the terrain as it is around our house, we really struggled when it came to trying to use it for more than some of the shorter journeys.

I think that unfortunately this just happens to be one of those prams that falls into the category where they are easy to use when you aren't pushing two children, but the moment that you look to add those into the equation, you are faced with a more challenging fate.


As one of the low cost options that we have listed here on Double Buggy Reviews, naturally you have to be willing to accept that with the lower price comes a lower feel of luxury when compared to some of the more expensive alternatives, so we wanted to be as fair as possible here.

The pram looked nice when it was set up and did look like it could handle some of the strain that you had to put it through while trying to undertake a quick trip into the town centre.

It looked great in black (the one that we opted for) while the purple looks a little nicer from what I can see from the pictures, although with Simon also wanting to offer up his thoughts for the site, there was no way that he would allow me to have picked that one.

Without the footmuffs the stroller did look a lot less sleek and appealing for us, with the design not about to win any innovation awards but the hoods were well designed and didn't seem to pose the initial problem that we thought would happen, that the rain would drip, but we were pleased to see it didn't.

Final Thoughts

For us the Zeta Citi double buggy wasn't ideal for us personally, simply due to the amount that we look to use our buggy, however we could see us potentially getting one that we could keep at the twin's grandparents for when they like to take them to the coast for the day.

As far as a lower priced model goes, this is one of the better ones that we have tried however we still feel that those that are looking for something that they would use day in, day out, you need to be looking for something a little more refined as this one certainly feels a little too 'raw'.

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